Use & Benefits of Ayurvedic CLOVE:

30 01 2010

1. If the handkerchief wet with clove oil is sniffed, it cures cold.

2. Clove oil put on a piece of cotton cures the tooth ache if it is kept at that place.

3. Swelling of any type gets cured if clove oil is massaged on it.

4. A pregnant woman stops vomiting if the water in which cloves were boiled is taken by her.

5. Sucking of clove controls cough and if roasted clove is kept in the mouth, it cures coryza and swelling of the throat.

6. Massaging the clove oil on the head, cures headaches and rheumatism.

7. While travelling in buses or trains, if it is given to nouseatic person, it controls the vomit.

8. If the collyrium of rubbed clove is applied to the eyes of unconscious person, he regains his consciousness.

9. If there is fever due to heat, and the quantity of urine has decreased, then taking the paste of seven rubbed cloves cures the disease.




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